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Originally published on One Picture Notes|Last Updated: 03 December 2023

Optimize Your Present

We all go in life hoping to get the big break where we are free to pursue the hobbies we want, read the books on our list, pick up skills we always wanted, work on our ambitions or be who we aspired to be. The only issue is that the big break is somewhere in the distance outside our horizon. Life always seems to get in the way. We are stuck hours in traffic doing nothing when we could have been working on our craft. And just when we have found a moment of respite, an urgent assignment is thrust in our way. How then can we achieve, learn and be what we desired?

Life is a journey with its vicissitudes. There will always be last moment assignments and responsibilities to attend to. All we have is a semblance of structure in our routine enmeshed with interruptions of life. This is how it is. It is never going to be perfect. There is no big break in the distance and if there is, nothing we are doing today will bring it closer. You can’t become an actor without acting, a writer without penning a word and a runner without running. It is in those fragments in our days must we steal moments to pursue our goals. We can steal moments to build connections, learn a foreign language and act out a sentence. Thorough scrutiny of our day will reveal the gaps of solitude where we can fit time for our goals. This would mean scrolling through Duolingo instead of Instagram, engaging with the professional community when commuting and hitting the gym after a long day of work when all you want is to sit in your couch and entertain yourself. This will hard work but one which is necessary. A lot of people would prefer their life pass without optimizing the day. If we don’t take a step today, our dreams will continue to remain outside our horizon like a chimaera of a perfect world.

We will never have perfect days, just perfect moments. Optimize your day so that you make the most of these moments.