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Short Story | Originally published on One Picture Notes|Last Updated: 03 December 2023

Emissaries Around The Distant Sun

It is not an ordinary day when you make contact. I remember that day clearly. We detected their presence 10 years ago. And, at once sent a probe. It went into an orbit around a distant sun. It was to be joined by theirs. 9 years is a long time to communicate, yet the world remained excited when we finally received a word.

We were the first to ask. Because for long we had murdered our brothers and oppressed our sisters. We had followed misguided beliefs and tyrannical leaders. We killed lesser beings and caged the beasts. After all our sufferings and our follies. You come to us, why now we asked?

The only reply we got was silence. For they too had their agonies and their sorrows. They had their gods, yet went to war. They had their terrors and their fears. They made mistakes and sought kindness. Yet, in us they found themselves.

They had heard our songs and watched our shows. They had heard our stories and laughed at our jokes. They had witnessed our wars and cried at our woes.

We sought each other for someone better. Yet when the word came, we were the same. I know not if there are others. But here are beings of alien origin; who share our dreams and ambitions.

Our emissaries dance around the distant sun. For them to speak and us to hear. For us to sing and them to cheer. For us to share this void together.