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Originally published on Unknown Wires|Last Updated: 02 December 2023

Domains of Warfare

A domain in warfare is where the weapons cause the damage. The air domain is dominated by missiles and aircrafts. Cross-domain warfare is when a weapon is launched from one domain and delivers destruction in a different domain. Surface to air missiles launch from the land domain and enter the air domain. A millitary’s superiority is meausred by its superiority in all these domains. While most of us don’t fight wars, we are still fighting in different domains. It is your domain of work, the sport or the instrument you play. You should ensure that you have the relative advantage in all the domains you operate.

Relative Advantage. It’s not about being the best. That obession demands an unhealthy balance in other domains of your life. Relative advantage is about knowing your weakness and staying aware of the strengths of others in your domain. Then, working on those areas to establish your advantage.