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Originally published on Unknown Wires|Last Updated: 02 December 2023


There are certain things that you should do when playing Squash so that you are in a good position to remain in the rally, and, in most cases, win it by following these things. It’s the small things like having the proper racket preparation. Ensuring that you go back to the T after your shot. And, keeping an eye on the opponent to see what they are doing and where they are.

Recently I participated in a tournament and saw a player give a tough fight to his opponent who was a more experienced player. This player did the basics right. He went to the T after his shot and always kept an eye on the experienced player. While he ended up losing, it was a very close match. This made me reflect over other games that I have seen. In many cases the players won not because they did something special but they did the basics right.

This makes me wonder, are there some basics in life we might be doing wrong.